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FAQs About Impact Windows and Doors

Palm Beach Hurricane Windows provides impact windows for West Palm Beach homeowners. Because there are many questions and concerns surrounding the topic, we put together a frequently asked question page. As with all of our services, feel free to give us a call with any additional questions. We’re here to help you protect your home all year long, especially during hurricane season.

What is a hurricane impact window?

A hurricane impact window has been engineered, manufactured, and tested to withstand the damage from a hurricane. We test our windows to withstand high-powered winds and the debris they throw at your home.

What are the benefits of installing impact windows and doors?

These windows and doors help protect your home against damage from dangerous high winds. You won’t have to worry about boarding up your home during hurricane season or when you leave for travel. Additionally, they reduce your insurance premiums and energy costs as well as add improved home security. Finally, they greatly increase your home’s property value and improve its curb appeal.

What is the main difference between a standard glass (single glazed) window and a hurricane impact-resistant window?

The biggest difference is your level of protection from storm damage. New non-impact windows must still meet wind loads but can’t take any impact from debris. While they’re cheaper, they offer little to no protection for your home.

If something hits my impact-resistant glass, will it break?

Impact glass can break. And it does break. But it will not shatter, making a dangerous mess on your floor like standard glass panes. It will instead form a spider crack, still protecting your home. This also relieves internal and external pressure in your house during a violent storm.

Do impact windows and doors improve energy efficiency?

Absolutely! As we all know, Florida’s brutal summers significantly increase our energy bills. Impact windows lower your cooling costs by transferring the heat from the sun’s rays. They’re made to resist UV light and have a high level of insulation, both keeping your home cool and protecting your furniture from sun damage.

Do impact windows protect against burglary?

Another added benefit of your impact windows is protection against burglary. They’re already made to withstand hundred-mile-per-hour winds throwing large objects and debris at your home. This makes breaking into them with blunt objects difficult as well. With two layers of tempered glass and a thick layer of vinyl between them, you’ll be better protected than with standard windows.

Why should I use hurricane/impact windows and doors instead of boarding up or shuttering my home?

Boarding up your windows requires money, time, and hours of labor, all while a dangerous storm is approaching. Why waste time boarding up your windows when you can be focused on things more important to you? Hurricane windows provide you with peace of mind. Additionally, insurance companies usually offer incentives and discounts when you install proper impact windows and doors in your home.

When is hurricane season?

The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from June 1 to November 30. It’s a good idea to install your impact windows well before hurricane seasons starts, so you know you’ll be protected, even if you’re not home. Contact Palm Beach Hurricane Windows today to learn more about protecting your home, your family, and your possessions.



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