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Aluminum and Vinyl Patio Doors in Palm Beach County, FL

If you’ve wanted to freshen up a room in your home, then installing a new patio door is a great way to do so. It bypasses the expense of a remodel while letting in more natural light. New patio doors improve your view of your backyard and provide an aesthetic upgrade to both the interior and exterior of your home. Palm Beach Hurricane Windows delivers excellent vinyl patio doors to Palm Beach County, FL residents. We understand the importance of aesthetics, but we’re also sharply attuned to the specific challenges Palm Beach County residents face. Because of this, each of our products has been extensively impact-, wind-, and rain-tested to withstand the extreme weather conditions which can occur during hurricane season. Place your trust in our products and customer service and upgrade to a more beautiful and safer patio door before the next big storm.

back patio hurricane resistant french doors

Pick Your Favorite: French or Sliding Doors?

We’re big believers in the products we sell. At Palm Beach Hurricane Windows, we make sure we’re selling patio doors built to withstand severe storms and designed to make homeowners happy. We’ve opted in to using vinyl and aluminum as our materials of choice for patio doors because they weather the storm. Both materials produce lower energy costs, are durable, easy to maintain, and easily painted.

We Sell Vinyl and Aluminum Doors in Two Popular Styles:

French Doors

Most homeowners choose this option because of their ability to add tremendous amounts of natural light to your home. But they possess hidden talents. For instance, French doors allow multiple design styles and boost curb appeal, which adds to the value of your home. You can open them in, allowing for a wide exit space from the house, a benefit you’ll appreciate when you purchase new furniture.

Sliding Doors

If it’s extreme practicality you’re after, then sliding doors are for you. Florida’s humid, subtropical climate means you need doors that allow for ventilation, and its volatile storm season demands home elements tough enough to stand up to the conditions. Sliding doors are tougher to break into, are energy-efficient, visually-appealing, and allow quite the view.

Contact Palm Beach Hurricane Windows

Aesthetics aren’t worth much if your new patio door isn’t a trustworthy addition to your hurricane-prone home. Fortunately, Palm Beach Hurricane Windows is confident in our products’ ability to stand tall in the face of punishing winds, flying debris, and violent rain and hail. We also sell impact and hurricane-resistant windows, both for the rest of your home and in the patio doors themselves. Contact us today to get started.


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